Unlock the Full Power of Blockchain

Coineal Labs is a Blockchain incubator and seed capital that is established by the world’s leading cryptoasset exchange “Coineal”. It seeks to catalyze “sparkling” ideas and bring them to fruition. Concurrently, it will also provide long-term holistic service and support to project teams that listed their tokens on Coineal as well as Coineal’s ecosystem partners.


Project teams enrolled are eligible to pitch funding from Coineal Labs as well as our funding partners worldwide.


The mentorship that Coineal Labs offers is not only limited to design of token economy model, technical assistance and crafting of business model. We also place a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship building. We will match mentors to projects on a one-to-one basis.

Community and Partners

Coineal Super Nodes and Coineal Fans are all part of the Coineal Alliance.

Ecosystem Support

Global PR and Marketing

Technology Support

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Business Development

Talent Hunting

Incubation Partnership

Coineal Super Nodes

We are honored to have Coineal’s global ecosystem partners run our super nodes and supplementary nodes.

They will have the privilege of:

1. Making listing recommendations
2. Forging exclusive local partnership with Coineal

In order to qualify as an operator of Coineal nodes, the applicant should have considerable global or regional influence and contribution to the blockchain industry and Coineal’s ecosystem.

Should you be interested, please apply via